Townsville Double has us Singing

We headed to Townsville with plenty of horse power and ONLY WANNA SING and SANGLIER were unstoppable under the urgings of Ash Butler.

This is why staff put in the hard yards and owners invest in these high quality equine athletes.

Congratulations To All Involved

ONLY WANNA SING: Miss A P Taylor, Mr D N Booth, Mr C B Broom, Mr D J Peel, Mr M A Leyden, Mr J F Siganto, Mrs R L Siganto, Mr L D Tiegs, Mr B W Duke

SANGLIER: Viva Racing, Mr C C Chidlow, Mrs J L Bratti, Mr M J Finn, Mr G L Baker, Mr A J Perry, Mr T Ellis, Blue Dogs, Mr L J South, Mr T A Moran, Mr A J Duroux, Mr D J Dick, Mr S J Beaton, Lismore Horse Racing

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